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Emotional Intelligence

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Find Your Ideal Career, with the most accurate career test ever.  Proven in research to be over 99% Accurate!

You can search the entire internet & won't find another career test that has accuracy anywhere close to 99%.   Most other career tests are lower than 60% accurate.

Low accuracy produces incorrect scores & can lead to making the wrong decision!  High accuracy means the scores are correct and will help you make the right choice!

Our test accurately compares your personal traits to all jobs & job types in the world, showing which you fit best, AND how you fit or don't fit each job.

In-Depth information is provided on every job we list, from ONET, the US Government job database.

Choose your best College major.  ONET will show you the training necessary for each job that we recommend.

Also learn how to be more successful in any present or future job!  We give extensive success-building advice.

"Iíve done extensive research on testing over the years.  This test is far superior to anything else on the Market.  One year, I personally validated 132 tests.  All 132 were validated as accurate!."  David Michiels, PhD.

"Many thanks.  This test has been an important tool in helping me to learn about myself, personality and the potential jobs and lifestyle that are inline with my true self.  While I have taken many tests - your test provided a more dynamic view - something other tests weren't able to offer."

"WOW!  I knew that this would help.  The first look over was awe striking.  I cant tell you how helpful this is.  Every one has been telling me to go for nursing or a medical career.  I think I just might now."

ďIíve just been given a new road map for the rest of my life!"  More Testimonials



This is a sample of our 19-page, full-color report.

Brief Overview Page Career Scores Page 13 In-Depth Pages

Three Instruction Pages give you easy, step by step help in understanding and using the report.

The Overview Page shows your 13 key Career Traits. Each of the 13 traits shows what you like & what you can do on a job.

Your career traits are compared to 29 Career Groups that represent all jobs in the world. See the jobs you fit best, & why!

These pages let you compare yourself to any job!  Learn how to improve, & relate successfully to others at work!



Our book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence"

This internationally published book, is the first to fully describe the full range of Emotional Intelligence, to show how it can be measured, and to demonstrate how it can be applied.  MEI can help you to understand yourself, and help you make changes that can increase success in your job.  You will also understand others better and be able to build more successful relationships.  336 pages, hardback.

Best Career Assessment & Career Guidance Book