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Student Career Aptitude Test, Student Career Aptitude Test Online

Our Student Career Aptitude Test will help a student choose the best career.  Guaranteed.  This Student Career Aptitude Test is over 99% accurate, has a 99.5% customer rating, and has been safely used for over 28 years.

The online career aptitude test accurately compares the career aptitude of a student to all jobs in the world, showing which they fit best, AND how they fit or don't fit each one.  The aptitude test also shows a student how to be more successful in any job!  We give extensive success-building advice, AND show how to improve relationships with others.

Easily complete the test online, on the web.  The report is then quickly emailed back, usually within 15 minutes.   Extensive information is provided on each job we list, from ONET, the US Government database.  Then, go to sites like, key in the job name, & find job openings!